Writing and music is ABBA’s Design in me. From a very young age, I had this desire to play the harp. Before I could play, HOLY SPIRIT would give me melodies along with written songs and I found this love of singing. ABBA’s Promise was that a song would rise up from my tears. The Hebrew word “rinnah” used in Psalm 126.5 does not only mean “joy” but it means more specifically, “songs of joy” or “joyful shouting”. It is the SOUND of joy. ABBA weaves different seasons in our lives to create a harvest for HIS Glory. I believe that through the different seasons in my life, HE is creating a rinnah and zamar harvest to feed HIS Bride. Zamar means to sing alongside a stringed instrument and is sometimes translated as praise. I went through a season of silence and it was there that HE taught me that even silence is music. On my journey, ABBA has led me to different instruments, each one with its own lessons. The beauty and the juxtaposition of simplicity and intricacy on the piano. The fun found in the accordion. The preparation and endurance in the cello. The tangibility in the harp. ABBA used each of these instruments to teach me something about HIS Heart and my offering back to HIM is to use them to create a sound that will break through the walls we have created around our hearts and to teach the Bride to pick up her harp and sing with it. ABBA laid the blueprint for us when HE by a sound, spoke the world into being. May we seek HIM with whichever instrument HE supplies us in whichever season we go through.