Tell MY Children that I love them...

Many of us still live as slaves, orphans and widows. ABBA has called us to come see ourselves as HIS Children and as HIS Bride. Because HE won the victory, we don’t have to live our days as victims but we can be conquerors through HIM who loves us. Because HE rose from the dead, we don’t have to live our lives as homeless widows, but we can partake in the fullness of intimacy as the Bride HE is coming for. HE has come to Father the orphan and give Hope to the hopeless. We can count our brokenness as joy because it is all about the ONE who has come to make us whole. Blemish by blemish, wrinkle by wrinkle and spot by spot, HE is moulding us into a spotless Bride – a Bride who has a BRIDEGROOM, a Bride who has a FATHER!

The world has fallen into misconceptions about ABBA’s Character, patterns of addiction and routines of fear and worry. The voice of the FATHER cries out to each one of us, “come back to ME.” Where there is deception, there are parts in us that have not fully comprehended and accepted HIS Love.

HIS Love is not the world’s definition of Love. It is not performance. It is not shame. It is not disorder. It is not lawlessness. It is not merely mutual affection and fellowship. How many of us settle for this for we are afraid of the vulnerability of intimacy?

HIS Love is deep. HIS Love is wide. It says don’t settle for only the HOLY Place for I have torn the veil so that you can enter the HOLY of the HOLIES. HIS Love is without conditions but it brings us to a place where we cannot help to yearn to obey HIM. It is both giving and disciplining. It is kind, humble and keeps no record of wrong-doing. It is inexplainable and unimaginable yet personally after us.

Love is I AM.


The ROCK of all AGES, the mighty HIGH PRIEST, the CREATOR of the universe, the GOD of Israel – HE IS LOVE.

HIS Heartcry is COME – Come to ME.

1 John 4:8 “The one who does not love does not know GOD, for GOD is Love.”